The mission of Zaahi Studios. Facilities is to provide a place for creators, writers, designers, and film makers to create and shape stories that are both inspiring and engaging; and to provide a friendly, creative environment which brings together the best creative talent. Our success is based on a spirit of teamwork among people that value the art of creating the impossible dream for the clients they serve.

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DURING COVID-19 2020, year of Zaahi Studios Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines. At Zaahi Studios, we take this extremely seriously. We have implemented very strict protocols in order to ensure the safety of all cast, crew, and photographers on set during any and all productions. When entering the facility look for Infographics on walls of common areas, these are measures we follow to achieve safety during any and all productions. During every production, our staff will take every crew member through these protocols listed below. PREREQUISITE 1. All government health alert and public protocol restrictions must be adhered to eg. movement/social distancing restrictions. 2. All crew and anyone attending shoot, including talent, must sign (prior to the shoot date) Zaahi Studios’s non-disclosure agreement (rules and liability form) outlining their full understanding of their staff and crew members health prior to the shoot date. And shall outlining any contact with someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. 3. Any crew who has traveled to high-risk countries or have been in contact with an individual with COVID-19 during that four-week period must not participate on the shoot. 4. Any shoot attendee who feels unwell prior to the shoot must contact the production company for a replacement. ON SET BEHAVIOR 5. Up to eight(8) crew members allowed in studios A and B and up to four(4) crew members allowed in studios, C and D. If agency or brand teams would like to utilize any common areas must seat 6ft apart with a limit of eight(8) people in these areas. 6. All shoot attendees must apply hand sanitizer to hands at check-ins before entering on set. Anyone’s refusal will not enter the set. 7. Any shoot attendee who feels unwell during the course of the shoot must immediately leave the facility and seek medical help. 8. Be respectful of people’s personal space and avoid hugging, touching or handshakes. 9. All crew to wear specialized face masks such as N95 respirator masks, throughout the course of shoots – to be provided by the production company. Talent may take off their masks during the act of shooting. 10. Where possible, talent should undertake their own make-up “minor touch-ups” throughout shooting, instead of the make-up artist, to avoid contact with talent’s perspiration. 11. Catering departments to consider alternate refreshment stands to avoid contact with tea and coffee urns and any other frequent touchpoints. 12. Water bottles or drinks must be spread out and labeled for each crew to avoid cross-contamination and must be disposed of by each shoot attendee throughout the course of the shoot. ON SET HYGIENE 13. Hand washing and antibacterial solutions to be placed on set and used throughout the shoot by all crew. 14. Studios will undertake a ‘deep clean’ before and after each shoot. 15. All production producers must keep the studio clean throughout the shooting day especially in common areas such as wardrobe and make-up rooms when in use. 16. Standby props must be cleaned with best hygiene practices. 17. Talent video casting shots must undergo best hygiene practices with up to three people in any studio room and the room shall be disinfected after talent leaves studio room. 18. Catering departments must step up their food safety hygiene practices. 19. Equipment rental will undergo deep cleaning prior to shoot hire and after hire. 20. Every studio will have tissues available during production. Dispose of tissues immediately into trash bins. OUTRO Whilst the above list attempts to be fully comprehensive, we acknowledge good guidance and common sense must be applied and utilize other sources of advice on this such as the World Health Organization website: NOTE: BY YOU ENTERING INTO OUR FACILITY YOU UNDERSTAND THE RISKS OF WORKING IN A PUBLIC SPACE DURING COVID-19 AND SHELL NOT HOLD ZAAHI STUDIOS AND ITS BRANDS ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY SICKNESS OR ILLNESSES TO CAST MEMBERS, CREW MEMBERS, AND OR STAFF CLAIMED TO OCCUR DURING YOUR VISIT AT ZAAHI STUDIOS.



Please adhere to the following rules when operating a motor vehicle on the lot:


Please avoid parking next to any semi trailers and facility dumpsters.

Maximum speed limit while driving on the lot is 2 MPH

When approaching the guard house, STOP, as someone will come out to sign you in, if someone isn't in the guard house at the time of your arrival, continue onto the lot and the Production Manager will check you in.

Be expected to be filmed or photographed be our friendly staff to ONLY post to our studio's social media and website.  If you are uncomfortable and do not want to have your image shared on social media, then please let our Production Manager or staff know upon your arrival.



All visitors to the Zaahi Studios Facilities will need a daily drive-on access pass. Passes can be arranged by our department Production Manager or Special Event Manager. When you arrive at the studio entrance you will be asked to provide a valid state issued ID card to the Production Manager at the front desk. The Production Manager will look up your pass and direct you to your destination. Please let the Production Manager know if you go by a name other than what is shown on your ID card to help facilitate locating your pass.


In the event that a pass has not been issued, you will be directed to someone that can help you arrange a pass with the party you are visiting. Please have the following information available for the Production Manager: name of person you are visiting, name of production or event, and a contact number. We appreciate your patience as your arrival may be delayed while we get your pass approved.


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As a company uniquely positioned to educate, entertain, and empower, we are committed to bringing together diverse communities and inspiring our clients and visitors to make a positive impact.

Increasing film access and expanding digital skills within our communities as we leveraging our far-reaching storytelling platform to educate our audiences and ignite conversations about critical issues that shape the world.

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